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Integrated Imaging is a multi-skilled organisation offering a unique range of services. We make your entire system more productive, reliable and secure.
    We Develop IT      
    Our extensive design and development resources set us apart from other computer support companies. We can develop applications and systems for a single workstation, an entire network, or a complete organisation. Our skills include: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Programming, Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Design, Web and Database Design, and Project Management. If we can't find an off-the-shelf solution for you- we'll develop it.  
We Build IT      
    We view your system as a complete, integrated system and we build and test the systems we supply. Our systems knowledge starts with your needs and the "the build process" is an important part of our integrated approach to the "end-to-end" support.  
    We Support IT      
    Our support services include Analysis, Design, Implementation, On-site Support & Service, Telephone Support, Email Support and Training. Integrated Imaging maintains high quality on-site system documentation for you which integrates with your quality systems and procedures.  
    We Fix IT      
    Integrated Imaging doesn't just supply you with a product, we are there when you need us most: when something stops working. Usually we can fix most problems at your site.  
Call us today on:
(02) 8206 2590
  Our services include:
  Business Services
Workstation (PC) Set-up
Routers, Hubs & Switches
Email Solutions
Domain Registration & Hosting Services
Internet Security
Computer & Network Security
Equipment Specification
Website Design & Promotion
Digital Imaging
Publishing & e-Publishing
Camera Interfacing
Graphic Design
Tailored Training
Shared Internet Solutions
Data Recovery
Back-up Systems
DRP Solutions
Management Reporting
Small Business Solutions
Print-ready Copy
EAN, ISBN and Barcodes
Technical Manuals
Information & Data Systems
Call Centres
Project Management
Programming Services
Custom Systems
Lotus Notes
8051 Derivatives, TI ULP & PIC
PLCs Made in Australia
Electronics Design
PCB Layout
Industrial Electronics
Network & System Design
Process Automation
Imaging Services